Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Love a Parade

The Dryden High School Marching Band! When my kids were in school, the band didn't (couldn't?) march. I'm glad they're doing it now. They've foregone the expense of the Seventy-Six Trombones type uniforms that I remember from my high school days. And that's okay. The music is fine.

There were fire trucks of every color. I was especially glad to see Etna's black rescue vehicle there.

Neptune Hose Company fielded an excellent color guard. W B Strong's Chief Andy Down and his beautiful Great Dane led the Freeville engine. The boy scouts were there and several law enforcement agencies.

The parade led to the Village Green where hundreds of people gathered to reflect on Memorial Day traditions.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Oh, dear. I can't believe I haven't written here since March. Maybe I can find time over the weekend to catch up. We're alive and well and working very hard. We had a very nice Town Board meeting at the Etna Fire Station in April, a public meeting to discuss the planning board's new design guidelines, a public meeting to discuss long range recreation planning.

Wednesday's Town Board meeting finished just before midnight tho' I had worried that we wouldn't be able to get to everything in the five hours we had allotted. There was very little jocularity and hardly any time wasted at all. We covered
  • two special use permit applications for ice cream stores,
  • a presentation of the design guidelines developed by the planning board,
  • the annual report from the Dryden Youth Commission,
  • discussion of plans for the salt storage barn that will help protect wetlands adjoining the highway garage property,
  • reports from County Legislators Mike Hattery and Martha Roberson regarding annual assessment and budget challenges.
  • Recreation Director Melissa Bianconi's report on the Masterplan and current recreation programs,
  • proposals for changes in the operations permit fee schedule and for maintenance of the new town hall's fire alarm system.
  • discussion of plans for a new sign marking the new town hall,
  • discussion of plans for the Dryden-Freeville trail,
  • approval of plans to purchase audio-visual equipment for the board room,
  • approval of rate changes for the ambulance service,
  • nomination of Duane Testut for the NYS Volunteer of Valor award,
  • proclamation of EMS recognition week to be celebrated beginning Sunday, May 18,
  • approval of improvements planned at the Ithaca Area Waste Water Treatment Plant of which we are part owner,
  • support for a trail being developed in Caroline which extends into Dryden,
  • discussion of amphibian mortality in the Thomas Road area,
  • introduction of proposed new personnel policy manual,
  • plans for a new microgrant economic development program,
  • several changes in job titles, descriptions and staff salaries,
  • and, believe it or not, many, many more things...

We were dragging a bit in the office yesterday. When I left last night I thought I would actually be taking today off. But as I drove home I thought of several things I want to work on today. So, I'll be going in after all - any minute now.