Sunday, August 12, 2007

Farm City Day

It was beautiful weather for Farm City Day at Lew-Lin Farm. I was eager to see the farm because the Town of Dryden has been working with Tompkins County and farm owners, Lew, Linda, Steve and Lisa Stuttle for more than a year on a Farmland Protection grant for purchase of development rights. With this funding the Stuttles will be compensated for placing a permanent conservation easement on the farm's 419 acres assuring that this valuable farmland will continue in agricultural production for generations to come.

Farm City Day is intended to give city dwellers a look at farm operations. Hayrides took visitors on a guided tour of the farms beautiful pastures and cropland.

Just look at this beautiful cow.

I'm always drawn to border collie demonstrations. I used to have a border collie (and sheep.) She was much more skilled than I with collecting the sheep. If the sheep knew where they were going it worked out fine but I never learned how to communicate with her what I wanted her to do with the sheep once she had them. This dog is from a Border Collie Rescue group. I really, REALLY want to contact them to arrange to get a dog. But that would mean getting some sheep. And that would mean arranging some way to feed them separately from the horse. And that would mean... Sigh. I don't think I should do it.

I have pictures from displays of the Farm Bureau, Soil and Water Conservation, Cornell Farmworkers Project, Quality Milk Production Service and more. But I've run out of time.

One more. There was a hay bale toss contest. I challenged David Makar. But we went to get chicken barbecue instead.


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