Monday, January 22, 2007

Town Board Meetings

It's not that we're not working. We're just working more than writing about it.

Here are some quick notes about the last Town Board meeting.

We agreed to let the Snowmobile club continue using a bit of land recently purchased by the town over which their trail passes.

Tompkins County historian Carol Kammen showed us an attractive "Destination Dryden" brochure produced as a part of a county wide project by the Tompkins County Historical Society.

We agreed to provide a cell phone for Recreation Coordinator, Jen Dube.

We discussed options for the Tuttle property recently purchased by the Town. The property, adjacent to the new town hall site was acquired, primarily, to provide extra room for the parking lot. In addition to the acreage, the property includes an old house and barn and our original intention was to clean it up and put it back on the market. Our application for a state grant to restore the house was unsuccessful. Since we found that the house is in worse condition than we expected, it has been suggested that the house be demolished and the property divided into two lots for sale. I haven't seen the inside of the house yet, but I'm always inclined to try to save old house. Furthermore, we've been told the barn is an English style, historically significant and rare in this area. So, there is now some consideration of restoring the barn and using it for historical displays.

There were the usual reports from Highway Superintendent, Jack Bush; Town Lawyer, Mahlon Perkins; County Representative, Martha Robertson; Zoning Officer, Henry Slater; and Environmental Planner, Dan Kwasnowski. Keep an eye on the Town website. At the moment Town Clerk, Bambi Hollenbeck, is hip deep in tax payments. As soon as she catches up, the minutes will show up on the website.

But I was disappointed that three of the topic listed for discussion (County Resilution for Non-interference of New Emergency Communications System, Recreation Partnership Resolution and the Beautification grant) never came up. The only item in the discussion section of the agenda (other than the Tuttle property) that was raised was the continuation of Fire Department OSHA grant reimbursement. And that was raised only long enough to refer it to the newly formed Emergency Services Committee (that's Dave and me.)

So, join us, if you can for a special meeting January 25 at 7:00 in the Town Hall for discussion of formation of a special commission to coordinate review and updating of the zoning ordinance.

The next regularly scheduled Town Board meeting is February 8 at 7:00 at the Town Hall.



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