Friday, December 29, 2006

Public Works.

Dryden Highway Department and Public Works have been busy despite little need for snowplowing. Among many other things, they've been extending sewer lines along East Main Street toward the site of the new town hall.

I talked to Superintendant Jack Bush recently about how they handle soil removed from such construction projects. I was happy to learn that all topsoil is stored for future use. But they often have to dispose of subsoil. Some is stored on Johnson road. The department also keeps a list of residents' requests for fill. So, rather than paying to dispose of fill or trucking it to Johnson Road, they are often able to deliver fill to a site closer to where they're working.

The same is true for woodchips generated by all those roadside trimming projects in the spring and summer. Any Dryden resident can ask to be included on the list by calling the Highway Department at 844-8620. I was happy to get a load of woodchips last summer and now I'm thinking of all the ways I might use a load of fill.

A resident recently asked me if the community could be involved in the spring clean-up at Dryden Lake usually done by the Public Works Department. I'm a great believer in volunteer efforts and Jack agrees that it could work. If other people are interested, I'll find someone to coordinate the work. The Town is not responsible for maintenance of Montgomery Park, but I must say the landscaping there could use some sprucing up. Anyone want to take that on?


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