Friday, January 05, 2007

The Organizational Meeting - Committees

Truck Check on Thursday night at the Varna Volunteer Fire Company

I'd like to continue with my own reporting on the Wednesday, January 3rd Town of Dryden organizational meeting that I started discussing here. Beyond discussions of the resolutions we also spent some time reviewing and modifying the existing committees.
The assignments:
Appointment and committee assignments for 2007 by the Supervisor as follows:
Bookkeeper to Supervisor-------------------------------Dawn Bogdan
Deputy Supervisor-----------------------------------------Cl Stephen Stelick, Jr.
Town Hall & General Fund Bills Committee--------COMBINED TO NEW FINANCE COM.
Highway & Hwy Fund Bills Committee---------------COMBINED TO NEW FINANCE COM.
FINANCE COMMITTEE: Cl Mary Ann Sumner, Supv Steven Trumbull
Highway & Public Works Committee------------------Adhoc committee, Cl Stelick, Cl Sumner
Assessment Review Committee-----------------------Cl Stelick, Cl Sumner
Insurance Committee------------------------------------Cl Sumner, Cl Marty Christofferson
Representatives to Planning Board--------------------Cl Sumner
Representatives to Zoning Board of Appeals---------Cl Christofferson
Representatives to IAWTF-------------------------------Cl Dave Makar
Representatives to Fire Depts & Emergency Services-----Cl Sumner, Cl Makar
Representative to Recreation & Youth Services Comm---RENAMED to include Community Centers: Cl Stelick, Cl Makar
Community Block Grant Review Comm--------------COMBINED with GRANTS COM.
Rep to MPO Policy Comm---------------------------------Supv Trubull
Human Resources Committee--------------------------Dawn Bogdan, Cl Christofferson, Cl Sumner


BuildingCommittee--------------------------Cl Stelick & Cl Christofferson
Representative to Conservation Board-----------------Cl Sumner
Representative to
Cayuga LakeWatershed IO-------Dan Kwasnowski
Liason Officer to Bolton Point (SCLIWC)----------------Supv Trumbull & Steve Lipinski
Grants Committee-------------------------------------------Cl Stelick, Cl Makar
Telecommunications, Cable TV & Internet Committee---RENAMED "Technology": Cl Christofferson, CL Makar
If you are keeping score at home:
Cl Christofferson: Technology; Insurance; Town Hall Building; Human Resources; Zoning Board of Appeals
Cl Makar: Recreation/Youth Services/Community Centers; Grants; Technology; Emergency Services; IAWTF
Cl Sumner: Finance; Human Resources; Emergency Services; Conservation Board; Assessment Review; HWY/Public Works, Planning Board
Cl Stelick: Recreation/Youth Services/Community Centers; Grants; Town Hall Building; Assessment Review; HWY/Public Works
Supv Trumbull: Finance; MPO; ITCTC; Liason to Bolton Point
I was fortunate to be accepted to every committee I wanted to get to work on. The platform from the campaign included improving cell phone coverage and broadband internet access - both of which may be covered by the technology committee. I also want to support the community centers which the Recreation/Youth Services/Community Centers will be working with. In addition I was hoping to be involved in economic development which the grants committee will be responsible for. Finally, for my interested in the fire companies as well as the emergency plan discussed with the Varna Community Center the Emergency Services committee looks like a good fit.
I have a lot to learn, a lot of people I'm interested in meeting with and hopefully a lot will get accomplished. I'm excited and hopeful going forward with this process.
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