Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dog Control

Large chunks of yesterday and today are devoted to dog control. You may recall reading about the controversy when the SPCA said they couldn't possibly continue contracting with towns for dog control without doubling the price. The town of Dryden paid about $18,000 in 2007 and the SPCA asked for $36,000 for 2008. All Tompkins County towns plus the city and the county protested and started looking for alternatives.

In October the SPCA came back with a proposal to increase the cost to towns by 50% for the first six months of 2008 and 100% the rest of the year which we accepted because there wasn't enough time to research alternatives before we had to present our budgets for approval.

The Tompkins County Council of Government is continuing to explore alternatives. I met with a subcommittee yesterday. I'm meeting with the Director of SPCA and TCCOG today. I remember ten or twenty years ago when stray dogs were a frequent problem with my chickens and sheep. It is better these days. Dog control is important (not to mention mandated) But it's expensive.

Do you think if people knew how much it costs for the SPCA to pick up and deal with stray dogs they'd be more careful about keeping their dogs home?


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