Sunday, September 16, 2007

Freeville Harvest Festival

The Freeville Harvest Festival yesterday was chilly but festive.

The Dryden Jazz Quartet provided wonderful music. Through that door in the background was the excellent chicken barbecue. I was too busy tasting at the chili cook-off to take pictures but it was great, too.

They do things in a big way in Freeville. It's not that they have a small fire truck. It's that they have Chief Andy Down and Deputy.

For comparison, here they are with regular size Bambi and Matty.

Andy tells me he has has three dogs, each of whom eats four pounds of dog food a day!

One can never have enough soap and candles. I bought delightfully scented candles and soap from Cindy Mueller of Lovey Mushy Things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

could someone please tell me how one goes about being able to set up at the harvest festival for next year. Who do I contact about it? Please email me at:

5:07 PM, September 20, 2007  

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