Sunday, November 05, 2006

There's a Change in the Air

It's been a tough month with campaigning, town business and the change of seasons at home. Dryden Democrats have been much busier than this blog suggests.

It snowed during the Town Budget hearing last week. My thanks to whomever left this adorable little snowman on my car. I turned off the heat and moved the little guy to the floor of the back seat and rushed home to put him (or her) on the deck outside my window where he lifted my spirits for hours and into the next day before he succumbed to the sun.

I want to write more about the town budget, but I won't have time today. Let me summarize by saying the bottom line is no increase in the tax rate. There is a 4% increase in the tax levy because of increasing assessments. That 4% is a comfortable amount to cover 4% cost of living salary increases as well as some new projects. In 2007 we will begin a lengthy review of a very old and awkward zoning ordinance. We'll undertake a review of some personnel policies and a townwide assessment recreation facilities, programs and needs. We're planning for a public audit for the first time in several years. We'll be moving into the new town hall, continuing work on the Freeville-Dryden trail and much more. It will be an exciting year for the town.

All this will begin approximately the day after elections. This month's Town Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15 at 7:00 PM. This is a change from our usual Thursday meeting time. There is also a meeting of the Conservation Board Tuesday, November 14 at 7:30 PM and a meeting of the Planning Board Thursday, November 16 at 7:00 PM.

Speaking of elections... Of course, you know Tuesday is election day. If you're not sure where or when to vote call me. I'll help you find out. If you'd like help getting to the polls, call me. I'll help you get a ride.

It's no secret that I'm supporting Dave Makar for Town Board. I've worked well with his opponent, Dan Tier, and his thinking about fire department issues has been interesting. But Dave's business experience, commitment to the community, basic good sense and incredible hard work are irresistible to me. And besides, he's a Democrat. Read Barack Obama on Democrats' sense of obligation to the community.

I've also campaigned with Mike Arcuri for Congress in the NY 24th district. I disagree with him on a couple of issues and I've talked to him about it. I don't know yet if I've influenced him, but I know he's heard me. I wanted to meet his opponent, Ray Meier, but at the last minute Meier cancelled his appearance at the reception I'd been invited to.

I feel strongly about re-electing sheriff Meskill. His professionalism has brought strong improvements in fiscal policy and effectiveness to the department.

Don't forget Hillary Clinton for Senate, Barbara Lifton for NYS Assembly. And if you haven't met Elizabeth Garry, take my word for it. You'll like her and she'll be an excellent NYS Supreme Court Judge.


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