Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Town Board Candidates

Paul Lutwak and I (Mary Ann Sumner) are running for the two open seats on the Dryden Town Board. We're both from very rural parts of the town - Paul on the far south edge and me from the northwest. Our voices will bring an important balance to board voices from the eastern part of the town and from Ellis Hollow.

Since my kids finished school, I've found it difficult to stay informed about events and policy in Dryden. Simon's Living in Dryden site has been a great help. Beyond that, I find it interesting to attend the monthly Town Board meetings. I know most people find meetings deadly dull and annoying. But I've met interesting people at these meetings and heard lots of ideas being exchanged. I'm generally encouraged to hear so many people putting so much thought into issues that affect our lives in Dryden. It's honestly much more interesting than most network TV.


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