Friday, January 13, 2006

Town Board Meeting

The Board was in good humor tonight and still able to zip through dozens of agenda items in about two and a half hours.
  • Dan Tier was appointed to fill the vacancy created by Mike Hattery's resignation.
  • A special use permit was issued to Missty Leonard for her planned hair salon "Highlight Your Life" at 2215 Dryden Road.
  • Mike Hattery reports that he'll be on the County Board Health and Human Services committee and the Public Safety committee.
  • Zoning Officer, Henry Slater, submitted a photo of the telecommunication tower recently completed by Crown Castle Atlantic at 1395 Dryden Road.
  • Henry also presented proposals for a Pinckney Road Water and Sewer District. He reports that now that this proposal is done, work on the Ellis Hollow proposal is proceeding well.
  • Resolutions were accepted allowing the Freeville Fire Department to buy fuel from the town and authorizing the Highway Superintendent to share equipment with other municipalities.

Okay. I'm bored. There's lots more but most of it wasn't all that exciting the first time through. [ed. It's a mistake to report on the meeting so soon after the meeting itself.]

We did see drawings of the planned Town Hall. Mike Lane expressed concern that options for future growth are limited. Marty Christofferson said (I told him I'm writing this down) "There's lots of space for a long time."



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